Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nemeses and Victories

So I met a plateau.  After eight weeks of regularly exceeding my weight loss goal, I have come to a halt.  Dammit.
On Wednesday, after 5 days straight of no downward movement I decided to stay off the scale until official weigh day which is tomorrow.  Yesterday I cheated and got on it anyway.  Nothing.
And actually, on Tuesday I was up almost 2 lbs.  I know it is impossible that I gained fat—I burn far more than I take in daily.  I have written the gain off to the jar of pickles I had been reaching into for three days.  Not a lot of calories, but they punch a big bloat.  I have sworn them off for a while.
I know that this is part of the process, but it is nonetheless discouraging.  Plateau, you are a villain.
Sometimes villains come in pairs, or they have evil sidekicks.  Look at the Wicked Stepmother’s snooty daughters or Ursula’s eel scary-fish thingies.  And I met the plateau’s nasty partner in crime--AKA:  Evil Inner Princess.  It is said that we are our own worst enemy.  So true, because the Evil Inner Princess is downright destructive.  For example:
Princess J: (steps on scale).  Ugh!  No change.  Okay—this happens, I will get past this.
Evil Inner Princess: Fat ass.
PJ:  No, I won’t think like that, this is a temporary problem.  Maybe I can speak to the fitness staff at the gym if it hangs on too long.
EIP:  Or you can go through McDonald’s for breakfast and reflect on what you know is true, you will fail just as you have before.  Fat ass. Fat ass. Fat ass.
PJ:  No.
EIP:  Oh yes, fat ass.  Aren’t you glad you told everyone you know about that stupid half marathon?  The heifer fat ass thinks she’s a princess!?!  Aren’t you sick of embarrassing yourself?  Ha!  Let’s go to Krispy Kreme.  Stop fooling yourself with that pickle excuse.  If you are going to get fat, enjoy it, fat ass.

You might look in the mirror and see a sweet face…but the Evil Inner Princess is always scheming!
Swiped from  I don’t know who stole the princesses from Disney and dressed them in the garb of their enemy.

The Evil Inner Princess lives there inside me fueled by all my failures, insecurities and fears.  She, like all villains, is there to keep me from being happy.  This week I was able to avoid falling into her trap.  But I know she is waiting to pounce at my most vulnerable moments.  Come to think of it, she may be the supreme villainess and the Plateau may just be a sidekick.  Do you have a villain living inside you?  How do you shut them up? (Please don’t tell me with cookies.)
Two things got me through this week (besides my normal awesome support system), despite the plotting of the EIP and her tricky friend Plateau.
1.        I won a Kindle at the gym!  I was participating in a New Year’s challenge and I racked up the most workout time over 6 weeks.  I really wanted to win and I worked really hard to do so.  It was a great pick-me-up when they announced the winners.
I didn't win the Kindle.  I earned it!

2.       I got my first bib number!  I participated in a 5K this weekend, walking with one of my new morning gym friends.  It was high energy and lots of fun! 
Let's call this the first in a series.