Thursday, March 10, 2011

Evil Vacations

Last month, Charming and I took a vacation.  It was long overdue and incredibly needed.  However, as we approached the date of departure, I found myself very anxious and nervous.  I have worked so hard on my fitness goals and vacation provided multiple temptations to stray-both from a healthy diet, and away from my regular exercise program.  To make matters worse, I was headed to the lair of overindulgence:  a cruise ship.  Holy lounge chairs, calorie laden umbrella drinks and continuous buffets.

Villains...always trying to keep princesses from happiness.
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I think often, people who struggle with fitness get in an all-or-nothing frame of mind.  I personally tend to have this problem, and for me it is motivated by fear of failure and fear of losing control.  This was causing my anxiety.  It is an issue (extreme thinking) that I am working on.

Night 1 on the ship would have been model.  I ate very little before embarking on the ship, indulged in a (that's one, singular) "Funship Special" cocktail and ate off the "Spa Carnival" menu, that provides very low calorie meal options in the dining room.  However the rest of the week did not  go exactly in a model fashion..  Spa Carnival food--well it kind of sucks.  So I found myself eating off the regular menu the rest of the week.  And the daily drink special--well they are kind of yummy.  So I didn't indulge in only one at time.

Dessert buffet aboard...beware!

But I have success to report as well.  For one, I did not snack between meals (except for those umbrella drinks, and then in semi-moderation, I swear).  I avoided buffets.  And, I worked out.  Every day on the ship, for 90 minutes just like I would at home.  I am proud of that, and I know that in the end, it all came out even, more or less.  I posted a modest loss on the scale upon return. 

This week I am out of the country.  I am in the sunny Caribbean enjoying a fantastic culture. Best of all,  I am doing it as part of of my job.  Have I mentioned that I am grateful to live a privileged life?  This week will be rough--fitness wise.  I will have less control over my food because the eateries will not offer lean options.  In addition I will be extremely limited on my exercise.  I will be staying in an area I would not feel safe walking alone in, especially early or late in the day when the schedule would allow.  And I doubt there is a gym anywhere near my destination.  I am going to have to be vigilant in portion sizing and be extremely careful about everything I put in my mouth.  However, I feel confident that if I do indulge in the local delicacies and do not do get in my daily burn, I will survive.  I will make adjustments, and refuse to use it as an opportunity to throw it all away.  This weeks it won't be all or nothing.  And I won't treat it as if it is, because really, nothing in life ever is.  At least this is what I am saying to coach myself and calm down as I pack my bags to depart.  And I have to keep thinking this way, all week--and when I return.

A future post will share the challenges I encounter while away.


Kimberly Hill said...

You can do it!! You've got the right mindset and you have a plan. I can't wait to hear about it when you get back. Bon Voyage!

Princess J said...

Thanks for your comment Kimberly! I appreciate your support!