Friday, April 15, 2011

One Week

I have had a really awful week.  I have been super exhausted, something is wrong with the girly-hormones, Charming and I are in a bit of a money crunch, work was a zoo and I am feeling overwhelmed because Charming got a new job and we are relocating in about a month.  To top it off, I have to sell the concert tickets that I have coveted for my favorite band because of the relocation (and failure to find a replacement date).  Have I mentioned I need to find a new job, pronto?  I am super stressed-out.
In response, my eating has been out of control.  It started with just a couple extra hundred calories here and there.  A couple of deli turkey slices while watching the tube.  A peppermint patty from the secretary’s desk.  But I wasn’t logging it into the Bodybugg system, so Digit had no idea.  As the week has progressed it has snowballed to an all-out feeding frenzy.
This is horrible.  It is making me feel bad emotionally—I feel guilty and disappointed with myself.  I haven’t gained any weight yet, but physically I feel gross.  I can tell the bad food is affecting my body.  It certainly is contributing to my sluggishness.  I am spinning out of control.  And I am kind of freaking out.  The Princess Half is in like 10 months.  I have so much work to do, and I want to complete that more than I desire anything else in the world right now.
For a few months now, I have noticed several tweeples mentioning #7day chip on Twitter.  I honestly thought it was somehow related to Overeaters Anonymous, something I tried once, but it wasn’t for me.  (I should blog about it in the future.)  So I have more or less ignored it.  However, someone I follow on Twitter blogged about starting the #7daychip program earlier this week.  You can check out her blog here.  She is amazing—super inspirational.
It turns out that #7daychip isn’t a certain diet or eating plan or OA.  It is about getting through a week, one day at a time, following your healthy eating choices, whatever they may be.  It focuses on being in control, for just a week.  Of course, you want to do this for many, many weeks in a row, but the focus is ONE WEEK.  People report progress Twitter, using the hashtag, and help each other out.
I have been busting my butt for four months in the gym.  I can do anything for a week, right?  So I am going to give it a try.  Tomorrow, Saturday is day one.  My goals will be as follows.
·         To stick within the calories allotted to me by Digit.  Not to be less than, or exceed the goal by more than 100 calories daily.
·         To report every bite to my trusty sidekick, Digit.
·         To avoid all fast food, even the stuff I have made fit in my diet, like a plain grilled chicken sandwich, I need to stay away from those places. 
·         No candy.  Not even if I report it properly.
·         To pay attention to what I am eating.  No mindless eating.
One week.  One week is nothing.  I can do this.